Stand up to cancer? We should get into bed with it.

Cancer isn’t a bully. It isn’t a terrorist. It’s a cell that’s gone wrong. It isn’t a sentient being. You can’t threaten it, argue with it call it names, shout at it, swear at it. Well you can. And I have. But that was for me, to get my anger and frustration out. It can’t hear you. And it doesn’t understand English or French or Spanish or Japanese. And It isn’t doing what it does to be malicious, vindictive, an arse – it’s programmed that way. So we have to get to know it. Understand it. We have to seduce it, get into bed with it. Find it’s weakness. The saying, Keep your friends closer but your enemies closer, is what we need to be thinking about re cancer. We need to know what makes it tick. we need hackers, IT geeks, people who know about codes, people who understand the language of genetics and DNA to work with the computer nerds to help make a virus that destroys it Or neutralises it. It’s happening now. As I type. There are clever folk trying to get into bed with it. They know thAts the way forward.

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