Coming at it like a reader

Woke up this morning and you weren’t on my mind… yeah, the vice hold of fantasy is well and truly slackened.The fire finally out. Amazing what a change in obsession can do. Am now free to obsess over another  fantasy ie being agented, being published. So I’m gonna get down with the words and do it. Get sentence dirty, paragraph filthy, page horny. Am airlifting myself straight into second half of novel.  First half been done over too many times and beginning still doesn’t work so am sacking it off as they say. The switch in focus has been helpful. The weeks, months, I’ve spent with my heart and head elsewhere have given me a whole new perspective. It’s so obvious now what needs doing. And that’s because I’m coming at it as a reader. Not a writer. And I’m expecting the writer to just do their job and sort it and put in what needs putting in and taking out what needs taking out and using interesting language when necessary and not showing off with being over excessively verbal and poetic and keeping the narrative intriguing and taught and letting the characters in close. This reader knows what she wants and is confident the writer knows what to do. It feels very liberating and it feels that the experience I had that dragged me away for a time, that felt pretty negative and bad, was in itself useful. It’s changed my internal compass. I’ve shifted on my axis and now spinning to a different song. Yuk, now that is too fucking poetic.

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